NFAI - Phenothrin (1R-trans)

CABIN AEROSOL INSECTICIDE – 2% w/w 1R-trans phenothrin

  • EU No. 528/2012 biocide regulaton approved
  • Contains active ingredient 1R-trans phenothrin 2% w/w
  • Non-flammable aerosol insecticide with rapid knockdown effect
  • Complies with International Health Regulations and WHO recommendations
  • Available in various sizes, both single shot actuator and multi shot nozzle
• Effective aircraft insecticide on many flying insects
   (Musca domestica, Aedes aegypti, Anophele stephensi)
• Total mortality in less than 3 minutes
• Complies with the International Health Regulations and
   WHO recommendations for aircraft insecticides.
• Non-flammable formula
• Dry diffusion for maximum efficiency
• Available in various sizes, with either a one-shot or multi-shot actuator
AMS 1450A
Airbus CML
EU 528/2012 Approved (PT18)
AR0006404 - 30g multi shot, 100 per carton
AR0006406 - 40g single shot, 100 per carton
AR0006407 - 60g single shot, 100 per carton
AR0006408 - 60g multi shot, 100 per carton
AR0006409 - 100g single shot, 50 per carton
AR0006410 - 100g multi shot, 50 per carton