• Ready to use, simple spray and wipe, without the need for rinsing
  • Can be used on most hard surfaces
  • Concentrated formula which can be diluted at 3%
  • Non flammable, aircraft approved formulation
Ki-kleen is a multipurpose concentrated interior cleaner that can be used on various metal, plastic, textile and leather materials. It guarantees a quick and easy cleaning action without the need for rinsing. It gives the surfaces their original shine without leaving any marks. 

This product is designed for routine cleaning and reconditioning of all types of soiled surfaces. KI-KLEEN contains biodegradable cleaning agents to completely destroy all soils. Tested stains: coffee, tomato sauce, red wine, ink stain, luggage traces on polycarbonates.

With its neutral pH formulation, it does not alter surfaces or corrode metals. Compatibility on substrates (aluminum alloys, polycarbonates, acrylics, vinyl, rubber, carpets, textiles, etc.) has been demonstrated according to aviation standards. 

This product is available in 4 fragrances: 
• Volga  • Dolce • Velino  • Fragrance-free
AMS 1550B 
Boeing D6-7127
Can of 5L
4 units per carton 

Can of 20L 

Fût 200L